Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 16

Wednesday September 21 is Day 16 on Plan. This is what I ate:

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, piece of bread & butter, small gala apple

Lunch: chicken breast, low salt fritos, sliced tomato

Dinner: 3 homemade tacos w/ gr. beef and refried beans and tomato and cheese, small apple

I couldn't finish the chicken at lunch, so it is in the fridge for another time. The gala apples taste wonderful! They are tiny, though, just slightly larger than a golf ball. Maybe extra large egg size.

The program is wonderful, and I am getting more relaxed about it. I have clothes that fit now. I can wait to lose the weight. If it takes a year or two, so be it!

Cathy B

Day 15

Tuesday Sept 20 was Day 15 on plan. This is what I ate:

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs (I like 'em!), sliced cucumber, 6 crackers

Lunch: salad with blue cheese, french onion soup, piece of bread

Dinner: roasted chicken (from the store deli), steamed vegies, 3 pieces bread & butter

The french onion soup was so good! My sister and I took a load of, stuff, to the thrift store after cleaning out her shed. We treated ourselves to lunch at Applebee's. We had the soup and salad lunch special. It is unlimited soup, salad, and bread, but I had my one serving of each and it seemed to be one plate's worth. The meal had way more salt that anything I would cook at home, but we don't do it that often. Sis and I were both very satisfied, and I stayed on plan. Oh, and I had water with lemon to drink, not soda. Yay me!

Also, starting yesterday I upped my exercise to 35 minutes on the treadmill. I figure I will add 5 minutes each week until I get up to 60 minutes. I have a slow metabolism and need all the help I can get!

Cathy B

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 14--Dah dah!

Monday Sept. 20, 2011. Day 14 on Plan. This is what I ate:

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, steamed vegies with butter, handful of low sodium fritos

Lunch: At Macaroni Grill: Small World Chopped Salad with vinagrette, Carmen Pasta (pasta with chicken, bacon, grilled onion, light sauce), bread chunk.

Dinner: Grilled chicken, corn with butter, little blob of mashed potatoes, frozen peaches (yum!)

Today was great! I had to go to Tucson (again!) for a dental appointment. My sister and I stopped at Macaroni Grill for lunch. I had a lunchtime special of World Chopped Salad with vinegrette, and Carmen's Pasta (pasta, bacon, chicken, grilled onions, a light sauce). Both items came to 3/4 of a plate, and I added a chunk of fresh bread.

The server offered us appetizers, special drinks, etc. I ate my plate (man was it yummy!), and had a glass of water with lemon slices.

Totally full. Totally satisfied. It was so good, and I didn't think for a moment about their tiramisu (okay, I did think about it, but only to plan on coming to the restaurant on an S day!)

Oh, and I finally told my sis about NoS. She wants to borrow my book!

Cathy B

Days 12 and 13

These were S days, and I am not being stringent on these days.....yet!

I ate my 3 meals, but there were sodas and ice cream and snacks.

Saturday was an S day, and as I am fairly new I am not being stringent on S days. My sis had a garage sale I promised to help her with. I was running late this morning, so decided to get a breakfast burrito at McD's. You know they have their drinks for a dollar, no matter what size you order. I am a soda freak, and have always ordered the large coke. You get more for your money! Confused Anyway, I had an 'internal dialogue' with myself the whole 20 minute drive. 'You get more for your money ordering a large. But I don't really want that much soda. You can drink it later. I like water. But this is an S day. That doesn't mean I have to have it' and so on. Anyway, I ordered a medium and drank if over an hour. I know that isn't a big deal for many of you, but it is a BIG DEAL for me.

And then our friend and my sister's neighbor came over to the garage sale and brought us her famous Steak and Egg Breakfast Burritos. I just calmly said 'I already ate. Thanks anyway.' and went back to pricing stuff. I NEVER turn down food! And sis kept offering me goodies, like we usually do at garage sales (we have a couple a year). No thanks, I'm not hungry. It wasn't that I was trying to be strict. I just didn't want to eat at that time. And at 1:00 I said 'Okay, what's for lunch.' That is my lunch time, and I didn't even look at the clock! I ate my plate of lunch, a 2-bite pecan tart, and I was fine.

N days are leaking over into the weekend without me trying! What a surprise. A happy surprise!

Sunday was good. We went to some friends' house for lunch, and I didn't have to make decisions as to what I could eat. We had yummy homemade chili, corn muffins, and oreos for dessert. Yay! Socializing didn't have to be a scene!

Gotta love this program. Yay, NoS!

Cathy B

Day 11

Friday was Day 11 on plan. This is what I ate:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, steamed vegies with blue cheese

Lunch: 2 pbj sandwiches, 1 hardboiled egg

Dinner: In N Out cheeseburger, some fries, milk

We went to Barnes and Noble, and I love their coffee drinks. I was strong, though, and had a carbonated water with tangerine juice. Yay me!

The lunch did NOT stick with me to dinner. I will remember that for later.

Friday was, of course, an N day, and I was doing fine. Then I had to drive hubby to Tucson (about an hour drive) right before dinner. I had a small panic attack, but then realized 'I can eat at any place there!' We ended up at In N Out burger place. I had a cheeseburger, shared hubby's fries, and drank a milk. The only thing I had to consciously do was have milk instead of soda or a milkshake. Yay! Hubby was so pleased, and he even made sure we ate before doing his errands. Yay hubby!

I am very please with this!

Cathy B

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 10

Thursday was day 10 on plan. This is what I ate:

Breakfast: oatmeal w/ raisins and pecans

Lunch: chicken-tortilla soup, 2 pieces of bread and butter

Dinner: banana, lasagna, steamed vegies w/ blue cheese

I had a migraine, but knew that if I didn't eat I would get too hungry later and scarf down the wrong things. Hubby offered me a coke, as that usually helps the pain. Then I reminded him about NoS and he apologized! I drank a couple of glasses of full-caff tea instead. Not as good, but something.

I also skipped the treadmill. The bouncing would have been horrible!

Happy Nos-ing!

Cathy B

Day 9

Wednesday was day 9 on plan. This is what I ate:

Breakfast: watermelon, bread w/ melted cheese

Lunch: burrito, steamed vegies w/ blue cheese

Dinner: lasagna, 2 pieces of bread & butter, 1/4 cup watermelon

I couldn't finish the lasagna. Weird to have food left on the plate!

I am still loving this plan. I need to convince myself that slow weight loss is the way to go. I am such a slow loser anyway!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 8

Tuesday was Day 8 on NoS. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill. This is what I ate:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 slice sourdough bread with butter, watermelon, and iced tea with sugar.

Lunch: ground beef/vegie/pasta casserole, steamed vegies, watermelon.

Dinner: Salad with lettuces, cucumber, pear tomatoes, snow peas, carrots, cabbage, 2 eggs (hard boiled), blue cheese dressing, 1.5 slices of sourdough with butter

Dinner was too big. I couldn't eat all of my salad! I rarely leave any food on my plate, so this was a biggie!

Also, hubby wanted chocolate ice cream for dessert, but offered to wait until the weekend if it would be too hard for me. But I dished up his ice cream and sat with him while he ate it. No problem! I can have the ice cream or something better this weekend!

Lovin' this!

Cathy B

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7 days on plan!

Yep, as of yesterday I completed 7 days with compliance to NoS and my exercise. Yay!

I lost 1.2 lbs. Yay again! I am a very slow loser, so this is great. If it takes me a year to lose the rest of my excess weight, I am happy!

Here is a picture of me at 252 (or probably a little more!) I am 5'6", and 56 years old. Nice symmetry of numbers, huh?

I will get a pic of me now posted this week. Boy, that is some belly on that babe!

Cathy B

Monday, September 12, 2011

My First Post

I bought the No S Diet book a couple of years ago, but wasn't ready to do it at that time. What was I thinking!?!

I did WW (gained 8 lbs in 3 weeks, following 100%), Carb Addicts (felt bleh), counting calories (irritating), and Fat Flush (SOOOO expensive!)

In 2009 I found a doctor who addressed several of my health problems, including Hashimoto's (an auto-immune thyroid disease). He got my thyroid meds regulated and I started losing weight at the beginning of 2010. I went from 252 lbs to 183 lbs by May of 2011. yay! But I plateaued in May. 4 months of the same weight, but I shouldn't complain. I had lost 70 lbs. without doing anything!

Back to No S. If you are unfamiliar with it, it is a program (and book) by Reinhard Engels. The basic premise is:

No snacks
No sweets
No seconds
(Except on days that start with an S)

So on No S days, you follow the 3 basic tenets. On Saturday and Sunday (and some special days) you don't need to follow these tenets. Simple.

I started on September 6th, 2011. I get an appetite between lunch and dinner, but that has been the hardest part. I am a snacker! No snacks on weekdays. I am exercising discipline. Hubby calls it the Grownup Diet!

I started doing 30 minutes on the treadmill Mon thru Fri too.

On this blog, I will be logging my meals, exercise, foibles, and thoughts as I go on this journey.

Feel free to follow if you want to see how I do. I plan on being bluntly honest!

Cathy B